The right knowledge gives you the ability to make informed decisions at both a day-to-day and enterprise level. It empowers you to spearhead truly transformative investments in people, products and processes. And at WhichPLM Academy we recognise the importance of being able to demonstrate your attainment, which is why students who successfully complete a full set of classes (bronze, silver or gold) in a live classroom environment can earn recognised accreditation.
Although accreditation is offered as standard to students who partake in live sessions, we are also making the opportunity available to e-learners. Simply complete the classes that make up bronze, silver or gold attainment, and contact us for more information. So, whether you’re learning at your own pace or engaging directly with one of our lecturers, you can earn a high quality, credit card sized certification that can be used to demonstrate your deep domain knowledge on the subject of PLM for fashion.


WhichPLM has provided insight, analysis, content and consultancy to the fashion industry since 2008. And WhichPLM Academy is moulded after its parent company: ethical, impartial, and expert. Our team are globally recognised as a key authority on Retail, Footwear & Apparel solutions.
Both our live session exams and online “test your knowledge” class quizzes have been designed by the same experts who have helped to shortlist, select, implement and optimise PLM for retailers, brands and manufacturers around the world. So when you produce your bronze, silver or gold accreditation card, remember it’s more than just a slice of plastic. It’s the embodiment of your hard work, underpinned by our long-standing and uncompromising principles.


In order to qualify for the examination process for bronze, silver or gold accreditation, both classroom students and e-learners must complete all of the classes that make up their chosen tier. Below are lists of the classes you will need to have sat and tested your knowledge on before contacting us to enquire about accreditation.
  • Introduction to PLM for apparel
  • Why PLM?
  • Key benefits of PLM
  • PLM integration
  • The importance of master data
  • The impact of compliance
  • PLM roadmap to success
  • Process maturity & best practices
  • PLM ROI workshop
  • Developing an RFI
  • PLM project checklist


There is no higher level of PLM certification than being designated a WhichPLM Academy Practitioner. These experts must demonstrate at least four years’ experience implementing PLM within retail, brands, wholesale and consumer products environments before attempting to achieve accreditation.
We choose our Practitioners extremely carefully, allowing only the most expert and experienced PLM implementation professionals to undertake our five-day course. Those that achieve the exclusive accreditation will have proven their potential for accelerating product innovation, and maximising product efficiency and profitability. They will have worked on project scope, high-level and detailed design; they’ve constructed Master Data and integration projects and configured roles, processes, reports and more at a global level, and been able to demonstrate this to us along with a range of other extremely high-level skills.

If you believe you can demonstrate the right level of experience and attainment to apply for Practitioner accreditation, let us know.