The personal touch

For groups larger than two, self-directed e-learning may not necessarily be the best way to get a collective handle on PLM fundamentals.  It can be difficult to keep individuals’ progress in-sync, and we find that larger groups benefit greatly from the presence of a live lecturer.  By booking real-time classes on demand, customer project teams and vendor sales teams alike can go beyond e-learning, and begin their PLM education in a true classroom environment.
Students who book one or more live classes – delivered via our online classroom platform or in person, subject to travel – benefit from a more bespoke experience, with course content tweaked according to their needs.  Live sessions also include time allotted specifically to question and answer sessions.  Each live class included examinations and, where whole tiers are completed, accreditation as standard.

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Pricing structure

All live sessions, whether online or in a physical classroom environment, are subject to a minimum number of students.  For parties of fewer than three, we recommend self-directed e-learning as a more suitable alternative.  Our pricing calculations begin from that three-student minimum, with discounts granted for each additional student.  If you have any questions regarding our live classes, please complete a contact form below this pricing table, or simply get in touch with one of our team directly.

All prices are per class, and will increase accordingly if multiple classes are desired.

    £900Total per class
    • Minimum class size
    • Examination
    • Q&A session
  • 4 Students
    £1100Total per class
    • £100 saving
    • Examination
    • Q&A session
  • 6 Students
    £1500Total per class
    • Maximum class size
    • Examination
    • Q&A session

What next?

To find out more about our live sessions, or if you already have a list of the classes you’d like in mind, please complete the contact form below.  Alternatively, visit our team page to contact one of our lecturers directly to discuss your requirements.