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Welcome to WhichPLM Academy, offering both e-learning and live classroom sessions dedicated to Product Lifecycle Management for retail, footwear and apparel. If you’re interested in booking a live session, please click on the appropriate tab below, read the FAQs thoroughly, and then visit our “Course Bookings” page. If you’d like to begin e-learning with any of our eleven core classes, please click the appropriate tab, read our guidelines, and then purchase a class and get started!

How do I take the quiz for my chosen class?

Once you have watched your class video from start to finish, simply scroll down the page and you will find an option to test your knowledge with a quiz specific to your chosen class.

Please note that these quizzes are for your satisfaction only, and do not confer accreditation.

How do I get started with e-learning?

First of all, welcome to WhichPLM Academy!  In order to actually take your first class, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Purchase a class (or classes) via our e-learning front-end and shop page.
  • Check out with that class (or classes) in your basket, and successfully complete your order through our payment gateway.
  • Visit your “My e-Learning” page, at the top right of all WhichPLM Academy pages, or via the drop-down menu under “E-Learning”
  • The classes you have access to will now be listed here.  Click one.
  • You will now be presented with one or more lessons that make up your class.  Click the first lesson.
  • You are now presented with a video stream, which contains all of your class information.
  • Below the video, you have an opportunity to take a “test my knowledge” quiz.
Do I need any special equipment in order to take e-learning classes?

You will need access to a valid email account and a reliable internet connection in order to take any of our classes once they have been paid for. Please note that we will not refund purchases where the user has been unable to complete their chosen tier due to technical faults that lie outside WhichPLM Academy’s responsibility. Preferably you should have access to a quiet working area so you are able to concentrate on your class.

What are the technological requirements for participating in a live, online course?

In order to attend a WhichPLM Academy live session, you will need a PC or Mac with a broadband connection and a modern browser. This means Internet Explorer 9 and upwards, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. You should be able to listen to audio using either your computer’s built-in speakers or a set of headphones. Should you wish to participate in audio discussions during the Q&A phase, you will also need access to a built-in or external microphone. Adobe Connect does not require an installation, but “extensions” or “plugins” are available for some browsers. Connect will prompt you to install these at the time of your first connection, provided your browser is supported.

How is the classroom experience delivered?

For live online classes, we deliver our live sessions through Adobe Connect – a specifically-created online learning platform designed for seamless and intuitive delivery of educational content. Each class is centered around a traditional “presentation”, or series of slides, that the lecturer will use to inform their talk. On top of this will be interactive experiences such as user polls, audio discussions, video content and more. Our Connect classroom is viewed through your internet browser and does not require any additional software to be downloaded. Opportunities for interaction such as hand-raising exist throughout each module, although for the sake of time and expediency, questions will typically be answered in designated breaks and at the close of the module, rather than being addressed ad-hoc.

For live physical classes, a member of the WhichPLM Academy lecturing team will attend at your place of business and deliver all of the above services in a physical classroom environment.

When will I receive my accreditation card?

Once we have verified that you’ve satisfactorily completed all of the exams required for your desired tier of accreditation, a member of the team will get in touch to confirm the details you’d like to appear on your plastic certification card, which will be sent to you no later than 30 days after we receive your information.

What happens if I fail an exam?

Each live session exam must be completed to a satisfactory degree in order for you to obtain your desired level of accreditation. The pass mark is 80%. Should you fail a test, you will be allowed to re-take it twice, after which we may mandate that you view an archived recording of the session again, before repeating the same process.

Accreditation cards (Bronze, Silver or Gold) will only be issued once the lecturer is satisfied that you have achieved the requisite grade.

I already know about PLM. Why do I need to take any classes?

You may already know “about” PLM, but can you confidently state what it is, precisely why modern retailers and brands are adopting it, where it came from, how to maximise your return on investment in it, and much more? PLM is a more complex subject than even its vendors give it credit for. The implementation of a modern solution touches absolutely every aspect of the business; even if you were able to say how the adoption of a solution might affect you, are you confident about how it will affect your design team? Your marketing department? Your extended supply chain partners? And most importantly of all, do you have a detailed understanding of where the most common value is realised in PLM, and how? Extremely few businesses have this kind of knowledge in-house, and even PLM suppliers themselves have prioritised the hiring of salespeople, demonstrators and developers, and they, too, may lack the kind of detailed insight we can provide into the essential nature, history, and value proposition of modern PLM.

Are the classes accredited?

Yes, but only for live sessions. The WhichPLM name carries a great deal of weight in the industry, and the accreditation cards that are awarded upon satisfactory completion of each tier (Bronze being Beginner, and so on) serve as proof that you have gained a level of attainment underpinned by decades’ worth of experience and expertise.

E-learners can apply to take the same exams as student who attend live sessions, but only once they have completed the requisite classes, and at an additional cost.

I only want to take an advanced class. Can I skip the beginner and intermediate levels?

In both e-learning and live sessions, students are permitted to tackle our classes in any order.  They have, however, been separated into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tiers (corresponding to Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation) to designate the level of PLM knowledge required to get the most out of them.

Beginner and Intermediate classes are suitable for almost anyone, but Advanced classes do assume a level of knowledge regarding topics that are introduced in earlier courses and elsewhere on WhichPLM.

How long does each class last?

Classes typically last for approximately one hour, but this varies according to the topic that is being covered. Some classes may exceed that time, while others may run a little shorter.

Please note that this does not factor in the time required to test your knowledge or, in live sessions, to complete your examination.

Do I need to pay before taking my class(es) or can I pay after?

Whether it’s a live session or e-learning, your order must be complete before you can take your class(es).  For live sessions, an invoice must be issued prior to the date of the training.  For e-learning, your credit card must have been processed and your order marked complete before your chosen class(es) will show up in your “My eLearning” area.

Do I need to pay for my e-learning via credit card or can WhichPLM Academy invoice me directly?

All e-learning must be paid for via credit card.

If you have an existing account with WhichPLM, then you can request an invoice from one of the sales team for live session bookings only. If you are booking for a group of people we would suggest contacting one of the team on the ‘Booking’ page to ensure that class sizes and costs are estimated correctly. All invoices are to be paid in advance of the live session’s commencement date, otherwise training will be postponed until payment is received.

Does WhichPLM Academy issue refunds?

Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details.

Refunds are only offered in exceptional circumstances: where a live session cannot be rescheduled due to  fault wholly attributable to WhichPLM Academy, for example, or where an e-learner has accidentally paid twice for the same module.  By accepting our Terms & Conditions at the point of sale, students acknowledge that they have the right equipment to view their chosen e-learning class.

Where one of several students is unable to attend a live session, they will be directed to an archived recording in order to make up for what they missed.

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