Module 10 - 300

Developing an RFI


Please note that this is an advanced class.  While e-learners can tackle subjects in any order, a solid grounding in PLM is required to get the most out of this class.

When a business understands their requirements and has quantified and qualified their need for PLM, the next logical step is to begin to examine the market itself.  But with more than 60 vendors catering to retail, footwear and apparel, it becomes vital to invite only those whose solutions meet your specific needs to actually demonstrate.

This class explains best practice techniques for developing your own Refer For Information (RFI), based on objective, scientific analysis and exhaustive, detailed introspection.

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Product Description

Prospective customers of PLM should assemble what is referred to as a Request For Information (RFI) document.  This should be a bespoke questionnaire, designed to communicate your unique requirements and invite vendors to explain the degree to which they do (or don’t) support them.

As well as providing example questions and categories, our lecturers also look at the methods of scoring vendors’ submissions, helping you to make sense of the results and to leverage the insight provided by your RFI during the later stages of your shortlisting and selection.


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