Module 3 - 300

Key Benefits of PLM


This beginner’s class demonstrates how PLM can help retailers, brands and manufacturers meet their unique challenges and deliver returns on their investment at a high level.

By listing and examining ten of the most popular ways that PLM has helped fashion businesses remain competitive and profitable, this class is designed to allow students to learn from both our extensive experience, and the experiences of their peers.

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Product Description

The top ten benefits of PLM analysed in this class (or “PLM drivers”) include:

  • The creation of “one version of the facts” – an accurate, centralised repository for all product data.

  • Improved communication, enabling global collaboration and truly transparent international working.

  • Reduced duplication of data resulting from re-keying / re-entry of the same product information into multiple disconnected systems.

  • A reduction in the time taken to deliver a product to market, including intelligent planning.

  • The unification of systems and data.  With PLM serving as a single source of master product data, the need for multiple, redundant systems is reduced.


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