Module 7 - 300

PLM Roadmap to Success


Going beyond a study of PLM in a general sense – the challenges and benefits – this class instead begins to examine PLM as a specific project, and prompts e-learners to consider how best practices and common pitfalls might apply to their own PLM implementation.

A PLM project will eventually affect every part of the business – from the design room to the boardroom – and our lecturers look here at tactics for PLM success from a high level, applicable to all job roles in which the impact of an implementation project will be felt.

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Product Description

The three watchwords of any successful PLM project – product, process and people – form the foundations of this class’ focus on effective planning, communication and analysis when it comes to executing on aspects that, at least in our earlier, bronze tier, have been covered only in the abstract.  From a list of top ten tips to a further examination of the importance of ROI analysis, this class is designed to turn theoretical knowledge into practical reality.


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