Module 8 - 300

Process Maturity & Best Practices


An important part of any PLM project is the assessment of how things are today, contrasted with how the business foresees them changing following the implementation.  After all, nobody embarks on an enterprise-level software project without a number of very good reasons for doing so!

As this detailed class covers, in order to assess that transition (from the “as is” to the “to be”), best practice dictates the use of what we refer to as process maturity assessments.

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Product Description

Process maturity assessments are re-engineering metrics that quantify how advanced a given process – from design to sourcing – is, compared against a composite ideal.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to determining how significantly things need to change, and what shape that transformation will take, and so this module – the final instalment of the silver tier – touches on the history of process re-engineering, the tools and processes that can support it, and the change management methods that allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to effectively reach their goals.


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