Module 6 - 300

The Impact of Compliance


The most topical of our classes, this extensive session highlights the importance of supply chain compliance from both a legal and moral perspective.

For a limited time (until 31st July 2014) this class will be available at a discounted rate, to reflect the growing importance of ethical and environmental compliance for retailers, brands, agents and manufacturers all over the world. With tightening legislation and regulation on the horizon, can you afford not to be fully briefed on the potential impact of compliance?

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Product Description

In light of recent disasters in Bangladesh and other manufacturing territories, the market today scrutinises the product development and production process like never before.  Those retailers and brands who, through negligence or a simple lack of information, become associated with the ethical or environmental transgressions of their supply chain partners often suffer financially and in terms of brand perception as a result.  Indeed, numerous laws, regulations and standards (including RoHS, REACH, CPSIA and other) have been put in place to help ensure that fair standards of working, good health and safety practices, and environmentally sound production techniques become legal requirements.

This class begins with a look at the history of offshore manufacturing, and works up to the modern market’s focus on compliance.  Looking at both the repercussions of non-compliance and the ways in which a properly chosen and implemented PLM solution can help, the module also examines the importance of visibility and reliable product data when it comes to the legal, moral and brand perception responsibilities of doing business in the modern world.


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