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Module 2 - 300

Why PLM?


This beginner’s class provides an extensive  overview of what is known in the industry as ROI (Return on Investment) analysis.

It is no secret that retailers, brands and manufacturers who turn to PLM do so in the hope that it will allow them to save money, work more efficiently, and deliver the right products to the right markets at the right time.  But where an actual PLM project is concerned, a more calculating and scientific approach to analysing the benefits of a solution is required; without measuring the value that PLM can deliver, it becomes impossible to know whether your investment in it was worthwhile.

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Product Description

With this in mind, in this class our consulting lecturers examine the typical challenges and market forces that are prompting businesses of all shapes and sizes to look at PLM, as well as looking at benefits they are typically able to achieve within a reasonable timeframe.

Although increased profitability, greater margins, reduced costs, material and efficiency savings are all considered to be core ROI indicators for PLM, the priorities of your business may differ.  This module will prepare you to analyse your own potential key ROI areas – including reduced markdowns, the ability to design closer to delivery etc. – and leads into class 3, where you will learn how to apply these to a PLM project.


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