Tony Walker

Consulting Lecturer

Tony has 15 years of PLM experience and previously another 10 years in the supply chain process. He understands and has delivered the benefits of PLM to many retailers and suppliers and understands the connection to other software applications.

Having been born in the apparel and footwear hotbed of Leicester is no surprise that Tony Walker has forged a successful career in the AFA industry. Having started as an independent retailer seeing first-hand the challenges created by poor supply he then moved into management roles within the manufacturing sector serving major retailers including M&S and BhS. During this time Tony saw at close quarters the changes that swept the industry during the 1990’s in particular the outsourcing of production overseas and the reengineering of processes to manage the changes. Tony often quotes the frustrations of communicating key information and its impact on margins and profits. So wanting to exploit those experiences with retailers and suppliers alike, Tony then moved into the PDM/PLM world and has been there on and off for the last 15 years. Tony spent 5 years at Gerber Technology in both commercial and operational roles again seeing dramatic industry changes this time in the PLM world. First hand he saw and was involved in the migration from head office based PDM systems to fully fledged web based collaboration tools including the launch of WebPDM.

His many varied clients included the likes of French Connection and Matalan in the retail sector as well as Dewhirst and the old Coats Viyella in manufacturing area. Following Gerber a freelance career beckoned as he sought to fill the gap between customer and vendor. His work here included comprehensive projects with the likes of Monsoon and Fatface. He was also involved in a business start-up around automated measurements. After a short diversion working with an airline on their retail sales division, Tony then took up the opportunity of establishing Visual2000 in the UK market. Again a mix of operational and commercial skills served the global projects of the outdoor sports company (OSC) with brands such as Mountain Equipment and Sprayway, and contract supplier SRG Apparel. Currently an independent project facilitator working on a number of projects Tony cannot wait to share his experiences and that of the WhichPLM via this exciting Academy project.

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