WhichPLM Academy launches

As of 14th January 2014, WhichPLM Academy will begin accepting bookings, with our inaugural course to be delivered on 4th February.

It’s been a long journey up to this point, and one that began as far back as 2008 with the founding of WhichPLM.  Ever since that time, we have been dedicated to enabling prospective and existing customers of PLM to make the most of their technology investments.  This same goal informed the founding of WhichPLM Academy, which began life more than thirteen months ago as a short series of draft modules designed to educate, inform and empower.

The entire WhichPLM team is thrilled to open the doors to WhichPLM Academy today, since every one of us believes that direct education represents the next logical step in the journey of creating tomorrow’s PLM professionals.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website, and that you find true value – whatever your role – in one or more tiers of learning.  One thing is for certain, once you hand in your final examination and your accreditation card is delivered, you’ll truly be able to say that you learned about PLM from the experts.

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